• Quick Facts:

    The name
    Bliss means utmost happiness/feeling of ecstacy, just how his audience is left feeling at all times...
    His name is Aras and he was born in Shiraz, Iran. Canada is home now and will continue to be!
    The first thing he always mentions to everyone; music is his love and passion, not a hobby or a job.
    The get-away instrument when times get rough for him..

    Where it all began!

    You never know what life has in store for you...
    In February 2008, DJ Bliss took part in YUMCW DJ Battle and took the 2nd place title for ISAYU out of the 14 contenstants, at the international associations competition. From that point on, a one night affair took off on its own and has now took him to places that he could not have even imagined himself!

    So what happened?!
    Despite the fact that DJ Bliss had been active in the mainstream scene since 2003, he had just gotten into the Iranian market and from 2008 with hard work and dedication, he achieved so much that very few could ever say they have done the same! He has shared the stage with many stars such as Shahram Shabpareh, Andy and toured with Benyamin and Ehsan just to name a few.

    Has Shared the Stage With...

    • Shahram Shabpareh
    • Kamran & Hooman
    • Andy
    • Ehsan Khajeh Amiri
    • Benyamin
    • Dariush
    • Ebi
    • Black Cats
    • Mansour
    • Siavash Ghomayshi
    • Elcid
    • Radio Javan
    • Morteza
    • Sami Beigi
    • Siavash Shams (sahneh)
    • Carl Wolf
    • Craig Smart
    • Tania Zygar

    budget allocation

    Do you know what would make the difference between a 'blast' or a 'boring' event ending at 11PM? Entertainment. Compromise here will be hard felt, just to save a little. Our wedding packages start with the basic package and get customized according to the following factors depending on your preference:

    what will your special day need?

    We are all about customising packages for our clients. That serves two purposes, one, you will not pay for unnecessary options included in pre-made packages that you're not interested in. Two, you will get what you want and your event will always look apart from others!

    Offering complete entertainment packages is what we are best known for! While not limited to the following, your choices can include having DJ Bliss alone or adding any or all of Persis Band members; sound systems for any size, venue and purpose of use. Dance floor lighting, ambient and/or stage lighting, all done using the most up to date equipments available. At Mehmooni.ca we constantly strive to improve and surpass ourselves and remember, regardless of the size of your event, its never too small or too big for us to do! From 20 guests to thousands of concert attendees we have done it all. Just give us a call or Email us for more info!

    Lighting Options defined

    When shopping around, DJs often only talk about "lights" and numbers; however with lights it's not the quantity but the quality that matters ...

    having great sound

    People often want a sound loud enough to get the groove going without it piercing the ears! That requires two things, experience and quality of speakers ...

    performing abroad

    While DJ Bliss resides in Toronto, world-wide destinations are always only a short plane ride away for him as he constantly travels around for concerts and weddings...
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    1 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON.

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