• privacy policy

    Online ticket purchases and money transactions.
    Currently we process all incoming and outgoing money transactions via PayPal. Once you decide to make a payment, you will be transferred to their secure website and none of your financial information will be collected/saved/stored by our company nor will we ever have access to! We would only receive a confirmation of your payment upon completion.

    Personal information collected.
    Any personal information such as Emails, facebook information, phone number(s) and home addresses collected (where necessary) will not be transferred and/or sold to other companies and/or parties. They will be strictly used to our own communication purposes used by your consent. You can always opt-out of any promotional lists by sending us an Email or replying 'STOP PERSIAN' to our FREE sms blasts.

    Pictures and videos uploaded.
    We always try to keep our videos and photos up to standards and will make our best efforts not to publish any undesired materials however once published, we will not be able to remove anything unless in extreme and very rare circumstances. Please contact us via Facebook by going to if you have a legitimate cause for removal request other than 'I look bad' or 'My significant other wasn't supposed to know I was there!'